Upload Media Files

What This is About

By media files I mean files such as image, video, and audio files that are to be shown or played in your website, and document files, typically PDF files, that you are to create links to in the text of your website. I provide tools in the edit pages for uploading such files and incorporating them into your website, and for deleting  and otherwise managing such files.

The easiest way to upload a media file is via a form, as in the demo below. There is an upper limit to how large a file can be uploaded via a form that varies depending on where your website is hosted but should be at least 2 MB. Most, if not all, of the files that you will want to upload will be image files, and you should be able to make any image to be used in a website have a file size smaller than 2MB, as explained in the demo. There is an alternative mechanism for uploading files that you can use for other types of files if they are larger than the maximum size that you can upload via a form.

Try It Out!

There are three candidate statements, including yours, below. If you did the demo in the Format Text page, and haven't navigated away from the CMS section of the website since then, your name and the text for your statement should reflect what you input there. But the other two statements have pictures - shouldn't yours? Click on the Upload New Image button below your statement to upload a picture and make some associated inputs - but please read the next two paragraphs first. The picture you upload doesn't really have to be a picture of you, of course, or even one of a person.

Each of the inputs in the demo has a link to a help popup window. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read the help for the New Image File input, as it explains a file size limitation and what you can do about it.

To make the size and placement of your image like those of the other candidate's images, just browse to the file you want to upload in the New Image File input, input text in Caption for Image if you want your image to have a caption, and use the default values for the other three inputs. Those inputs, namely Width of New Image, Position of Image, and Wrap Text Around Image, are there in case you want to play around with them and see what happens.

Thomas "Slippery Tom" Wilson

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Trust me!

I would make a great treasurer, so please vote for me!
  • I am currently the chief executive of your local bank, where I have done a great job
    of defrauding the shareholders
  • I have also served time for my job as the chief financial officer of Lehman Brothers.

If you vote for me, I will increase services, cut taxes, and balance the budget1!

1. Offer not valid in jurisdictions with thinking voters.

Stephanie "Boom Boom" Jones

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The choice is yours!

Here are some reasons that you should vote for me!
  1. I have a great nickname.
  2. I have learned a lot about politics and explosives from my uncle, Ted Kaczynski.
  3. I know where you live!

Marvelous Me

I would make a great treasurer because I am honest, knowledgeable, capable, and work well with others. Both of my opponents lack at least one of these qualities.