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Flori Pate, Owner
Flori Pate Designs, Asheville, NC

Mike and I met through collaborating on several projects for clients for whom I had designed logos. I had wanted a to create a website for my own graphic design business for many years but felt overwhelmed by the task of organizing a huge portfolio of work. Mike urged me to start the process and together we created FloriPateDesigns.com. He listened to me and interpreted (often improving upon) my design ideas creating a functional, unique site. I get compliments all the time on it. When I would approach him with an idea, even if he didn't immediately have the programming solution, his wheels would start turning and he would  start researching the newest and most effective way in which to produce my vision.

Perhaps the very best part of working with Mike was the way he set me up to "fly on my own" in the future by creating for me a highly complex but extremely user friendly back end editing program so now I am totally self sufficient when it comes to updating my site, editing text as well as adding my new portfolio pieces as they get produced. I never imagined it could be this simple to do. Mike has helped me tremendously in growing my business. He is professional, visionary and talented. It is always a pleasure working with him. He has taught me so much and the process itself was truly enjoyable. It is with extreme confidence that I recommend Mike.

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David Rowe, President
David M. Rowe Risk Advisory, Kula, HI

Mike Muholland did an absolutely magnificent job building my website. I had a good idea of the look and feel I wanted. Mike understood my desires and made a number of outstanding improvements on my initial specifications. I had a significant number of documents and other files that needed to be indexed in multiple overlapping ways and Mike worked out an excellent system for doing so while storing only a single copy of each file.

I am especially pleased that Mike structured the site so that I can do virtually all the maintenance myself (with occasional quick advice from the master). Best of all, I have received many compliments from visitors to the site. All in all, Mike did an excellent and very cost effective job.

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Karen Richter, Artist
Karen Richter Art, Seattle, WA

I am a competent but fairly basic computer user. The website that Mike Mulholland made for me fills my bill perfectly. It is easy to navigate around in, and I am able to add and subtract items from it with just my basic knowledge. Everyone has been very complimentary about the way the site looks. Most importantly, the galleries that have looked at the site view me as being as professional as the site looks. Thanks Mike!

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David Watkins, VP IT Development
National Alumni Group, Bend and Portland, OR

My startup company came to Mike with a difficult request - help us develop a web concept that we were still trying to figure out! Mike listened to what we had to say, and was able to translate his understanding into a prototype website that accurately reflected what we were trying to accomplish. He really listened - and in our search for a developer, he was the only one who did. It was a pleasure working with someone who understood what we wanted, communicated well, was responsive and responsible, and delivered exactly what we were after!

I would not hesitate to recommend Mike for any project you are contemplating.

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Rivka Gluck, Website Manager
Ohana House, Bend, OR

Working with Mike was a pleasure. He promptly returned my phone calls and walked me through the site. I felt he had a genuine desire to do the best job he could. With him guiding me, it was quite simple to update our website!

more to come...