My minimum price for a new website is $900 or $1100, depending on whether you already have a good logo that I can use as a starting point for the graphic design of your website. See the Features > Graphics > Logos and Banners page for a discussion of logos. For my minimum price you get :
  • As many pages as you like, but all with my standard layout, as described in the  Features > Page Layouts > Standard page. My marginal cost to add another standard layout page is negligible, as you are responsible for inputting its content, as described in the Process > Building page, and, depending on how your website is set up, you may be able to add pages yourself anyway.
  • Any page can have its text items arranged by date, from newest to oldest, such as a blog or news page.
  • On each page, a banner, as described in the Features > Graphics > Logos and Banners page, and other graphic design elements consistent with your banner, as described in the Features > Graphics > Other page.
  • On each page, a set of page navigation links with a scheme appropriate to your website, as described in the Features > Navigation page.
  • On each page, the option to mix in images, videos, and audio with your text, and to include one or more slide shows, as described in the Features > Media pages.
  • A contact form on one of your pages from which your website visitors can send you email, as described in the Features > Forms page. The Contact page of this website contains an example.
  • A content management system that lets you input and update the things that it is reasonably likely that you will want to change, as described in the Content Management System pages.
  • Training in the use of your Content Management System, as described in the Building page.
  • Submission of your website to the major search engines, as described in the Getting Found pages.
  • Ongoing support, as described in the After Care page.

Basically, anything beyond the above, such as e-commerce features, will add to the cost of your website, sometimes quite substantially. I use these principles to determine how much additional to charge you:
  • I charge my standard hourly rate, which is currently $50 an hour, for work that is applicable to only your website, for example graphic design beyond the norm anticipated in my minimum pricing above.
  • I charge substantially less than my current hourly rate for work that I think will be useful to other future clients, as it wouldn't be fair for you to pay all of that development cost and have future clients benefit from it free of charge.
  • I charge substantially more than my current hourly rate to add features to your website that I can add relatively easily because they are based on work that I have done for previous clients, for reasons explained in the previous point.

The amount of time that it takes to program something new can be rather unpredictable. As a result, if I just charged you by the hour and asked you to commit on the basis of an estimate, you could be taking on the risk of a fairly substantial cost overrun. I usually have a signed contract with a fixed price, so that I, not you, bear the risk that building your website takes more of my time than I anticipated.

The contract between us spells out in a fair amount of detail what I am to complete, an estimated timeframe for doing so, what you will pay me, and when you will do so. My normal terms are:
  • 10% initial deposit to hold your place in line, which is fully refundable if you change your mind before I start building your website.
  • 40% when I start building your website.
  • 50% when I finish building your website and I have trained you in its use.

Normally the only content that the website will contain at this point will be content that we input together as part of your training. Inputting the rest of your content will be up to you, as explained in the Building page. I don't mind a short delay in receiving my final payment while you make sure you know how to input your content, but I shouldn't have to wait for months because you haven't found the time to create and input your content.

The first two payments are combined when I am able to start right away. While these are my normal terms, I do make occasional exceptions.