Change the Order of Things

What This Is About

There is always at least one thing in any website that I build for which you can change the order, namely that of sections of text in a page if you have more than one separately input section. Most websites that I build include other things for which you can change the order, ranging from slides in a slide show to the pages in the website. The way in which you change the order is always the same, namely dragging representations of the things for which the order is to be changed up and down.

Try It Out!

There are three candidates, including you, listed in the ballot below. If you did the demo in the Format Text page, and haven't navigated away from the CMS section of the website since then, your name in the ballot should be what you input there. But you appear last - wouldn't you like to be first? Click on the Change the Order button below the statements to change the order of the candidates.

 Thomas "Slippery Tom" Wilson

 Stephanie "Boom Boom" Jones

 Marvelous Me