Graphics Collaboration

While I am proud of the graphic design of most of the websites that I have built, I have no graphic design training; my greatest strength is as a programmer. I will gladly collaborate on the graphic design of your website with someone who excels at that if you want me to do so and  you can afford the additional expense. I have several talented friends that come to mind, or you can suggest someone.

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I have designed a number of websites around a logo that had already been created by someone else, but so far I have actively collaborated with only one graphic designer. Her name is Flori Pate, and I highly recommend her. We have collaborated on five websites so far, including  her own website, Flori Pate Designs. I built that website and one of the other websites on which we collaborated after Flori had moved across the country; we work well together even at a distance. You can see from her website itself and her portfolio shown in her website that Flori's designs tend to be very different from mine. This is a good thing, as it expands the possibilities for the graphic design of  your website.