General-Purpose Websites (not E-Commerce and not Flash)

Move your cursor over the banners below to see suggested things to look for in these websites, and click on the banners to visit them. These websites are not e-commerce websites because you can't purchase anything in the websites.

NOTE: Some of the "things to look for" are hierarchical navigation bars. A navigation bar is hierarchical if some of the pages are grouped and you access those pages via their group. In the navigation bars for this website, for example, "Portfolio" is a group that includes three pages, of which this is one. Hierarchical navigation bars are included in the "things to look for" only if their mechanics are different from those used in this website.

This website is my best work to date, in my opinion. It is the result of great teamwork with the website owner, who was almost entirely responsible for the graphic design. Some things to look for:
  • Mechanics of the Portfolios page; there's a lot going on there.
  • Unusually effective use of the areas to the left and right of the essential core of the website, no matter how wide those areas are.
Some things to look for:
  • The graphic design and how well it works with Karen's art.
  • The mechanics of the art pages.
Giuseppe's went out of business in late 2010, after 25 years, unfortunately. Since I knew this was going to happen, I was able to replicate Giuseppe's website as it existed on closing day on my website, so you can still check it out. Some things to look for:
  • Menu page - the website owner could easily edit, add, delete, and change the order of individual menu items and categories of menu items.
  • Typical slide show on the Home page.
  • News page with items automatically arranged in reverse chronological order.
Some things to look for:
  • Graphic design based on a logo created by Flori Pate.
  • Mechanics of the top navigation bar.
Some things to look for:
  • In the Articles pages, each article appears in two places, once in the By Publisher pages and once in the By Subject page, but the website owner only has to input info about the article and upload the article once.
  • Clicking on the year or subject heading in the Articles pages reveals/hides the corresponding articles.
Some things to look for:
  • Mechanics of hierarchical horizontal navigation bars.
  • Youthful-themed graphic design based on a logo created by Flori Pate.
Some things to look for:
  • "Artistic" layout of the Home page content that is entirely controlled by the website owner. See the Features > Page Layouts > Alternative page of my website for how I would like to extend this for use in future websites.
  • Mechanics of the Portfolio pages.
Some things to look for:
  • Clean, simple but effective design.
  • Creative use by the website owner of images in what are nominally text items but contain no text (except for the first one) on the Our Family page - note the zigzag pattern.
  • Multiple slide shows at the bottom of the Our Family page; the website owner intends to move many of the remaining images in text items on that page into additional slide shows, so that the page won't be so long.
Some things to look for:
  • Youthful-themed graphic design based on a logo created by Flori Pate.
  • Though you would never think of it if I didn't mention it, making the bottom corners of the border around the page always look right no matter what the page height might be was a challenge, given the deliberate irregularity of the border.
Things to look for:
  • Mechanics of horizontal hierarchical navigation bars.
  • For each union local that doesn't have a websites of its own, this website has a page for that local containing basic information about the local and its officers, and optionally additional text and images. Local 339 is an example; click on its link in the Home page to see its page.
  • Each local has its own password, which lets it update its own page but no other pages. The union district has a master password which lets it update all pages, including changing the passwords for union locals.
Something to look for:
  • Interesting graphic design, created almost entirely by Flori Pate; my main role was figuring out how to implement her design.
Some things to look for:
  • Three-column layout on most pages.
  • The form in the Contact Us page is somewhat more complicated than that in most of my websites; change Check AvailabilityYes to see what I'm talking about.
Some things to look for:
  • Graphic design.
  • The mechanics of the hierarchical vertical top navigation bar.
This is an old website, and its graphic design is quite plain. Some things to look for:
  • Put-in and take-out points are shown on the Map page, in the table on the Prices page, and in the form in the Contact page.
  • The website owner can add, edit, and delete these points, including the placement of each point on the map, and can edit the price to shuttle a vehicle from one point to another.
  • The order of the points in the table and in the form is based on their vertical coordinates in the map.
  • The point furthest upstream is automatically excluded as a take-out point and the point furthest downstream is automatically excluded as a put-in point.
Some things to look for:
  • The rollover effect when the cursor is moved over a link in the top navigation bar.
  • The website owner can specify that the last 2 or 3 text items in the page are to be shown in separate columns, which also causes special formatting to be applied to those text items.