My Content Management System (CMS)

How You Input or Update Content in Your Website

  1. You click on a hidden link in your website.
  2. A popup window appears in which you enter and submit your password.
  3. You now see links to edit pages of various kinds in relevant places in your website's pages. If someone else is visiting your website at the time, they do not see these links.
  4. When you click on one of these links, an edit page opens in a popup window.
  5. The edit page contains a form in which you input or update information to be shown in your website.
  6. When you are ready, you click on the Submit button, and the information that you input or updated is used to update the database, and thus update what visitors see in your website.
Sometimes you will also upload files that you supply, typically images, by browsing to and selecting the file, which will then be uploaded to the server when you click on the Submit button.

The CMS Demo Pages

The CMS demo pages (the other pages in this section of the website) have two purposes, namely
  • giving you some feel for what using the edit pages is like and how easy it is, and
  • demonstrating several types of inputs used in the edit pages that you probably haven't seen before in filling out forms online.
Unlike changes that you would make in an actual edit page, changes that you make in the demo pages are temporary, generally lasting just until you leave the CMS section of the website, and are visible only to you. A very simple cookie is an essential part of how this is accomplished, so most of the demos WILL NOT WORK if you have turned off cookies in your browser.