Building Your Website

My clients vary widely in how much they want to be involved in the graphic design of their websites. I try to get a sense of that and work with you accordingly. In any event, you will have multiple opportunities to see and influence the graphic design of the website as it evolves. I normally work on the graphic design of the website in parallel with, rather than before, creating its non-graphic files and database.

I create files and upload them to the server, and create an associated database with minimal content, such that your website has all the features that we agreed that it would have. Generally this does not include any of your content. It does include a Content Management System that you will use to input your content, as described below.

Training consists of showing you how to use the Content Management System that comes with your website to input and update your content. I will spend whatever amount of time with you that it takes to get you comfortable with using your Content Management System. My support in this regard will be ongoing, as described in the After Care page.

With rare exceptions, you are responsible for inputting your content, for reasons discussed under My Websites > Who inputs my content initially? in the Home page. This will always include inputting text, and it will often include uploading media files such as images. It may also include inputting more specialized content on specialized pages, such as description, size, color, and price for each item that you sell if you have an e-commerce website.