After Care

After I have built your website and given you your training in how to use it, and you have paid me, I continue to be available whenever you have a question, need to have your memory of how to do something refreshed, or need to have a change made to your website that can't be accomplished via your built-in Content Management System. I only charge for changes that I make myself, at my standard hourly rate, which is currently $50. Even then I will only charge you if the change takes at least an hour of my time.

I reserve the right to start charging for help if I get an extremely needy client who is taking up a lot of my time, but so far that has never even come close to happening, and even then it would only apply to that client. You should expect me to be glad to hear from you and happy to be of service; I value my clients and consider them to be friends. If the person who was responsible for maintaining the content of your website leaves, I will be happy to train their replacement, free of charge.