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This website has a lot of content, far more than anyone is likely to examine at all closely at one sitting. Please at least do a little exploring, and get some sense of what is here. That knowledge may then bring you back to learn more down the road.

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My Company

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Imagine Web Design LLC ("IWD") is a company located in Bend, Oregon that designs and builds websites. It is owned and operated by Mike Mulholland. Since it's just me, the rest of this website is written in the first person.

My Websites

I only build database-driven, or dynamic-content, websites, i.e., websites for which most of the content of the website is stored in and obtained from a database. This allows me to create edit pages that you can use to easily update your website yourself, using only your browser. This is known as a content management system, or CMS. See the Content Management System section of the website for more about changing content using just your browser, including a number of demos.

That's a bit of an exaggeration; I'll still be your technical person. It's about the fact that I empower you to make the kinds of changes in your website yourself that it is readily foreseen that you will want to be able to make. If any technical knowledge is required on your part, it will be very minimal and I will teach it to you. It's also about the fact that I empower my clients to avoid some problems with their webmasters that I often hear about, such as:
  • "I can't readily have someone else take over management of my website because my current webmaster paid for my domain name and hosting, so they aren't in my name." I always have my clients pay for their domain name and hosting themselves so that they clearly own them. See the Process > Preliminaries page if you don't know what these terms mean and want to find out.
  • "I can't get my current webmaster to make changes in my website in a timely manner." I am responsive and generally available, but still, it's a lot easier if you can make the changes you want to make yourself whenever you want to make them.
  • "I'm paying my webmaster a lot of money every month just to be willing to make occasional small changes." You will pay me to build your website, but after that you will only pay me when you need me to make a change, and even then I will only charge you if it takes me at least an hour to make your change. Most of the time you'll be able to do what you want done yourself. Also, if your webmaster pays for your domain name and hosting, and charges you by the month, you should know that what they are paying for these two things probably adds up to no more than around $100 per YEAR.

In general, my clients not only update their own content, but also input it initially. I create the vessel that will hold your content and make it look good, and provide a complete set of tools, and give you training, help, and ongoing support, but you are ultimately responsible for your content, as inputting it yourself makes clear. Furthermore, I find that having my clients input their content makes them much more capable and confident when it comes time for them to update it. And it's easy! See the About Me > Testimonials page for what my clients have to say about that, and the demos in the Content Management System section of the website to see for yourself how easy it is.

In rare cases I have manually input my client's content for them, but I require compensation for that at my normal hourly rate, currently $50 an hour, and most of my clients have agreed with me that doing so is not a good use of my time and their money.

In cases where my clients have a great deal of structured content that needs to be entered into the database, such as details about many different products that they sell, the data can be entered into a spreadsheet, and I can then import the data in the spreadsheet into the database.

I can only make cost-effective incremental changes to your website if it uses the technology that I am familiar with, namely PHP in conjunction with MySQL databases, and its programming is reasonably easy for me to understand. When that is not the case, a cost-effective upgrade will essentially amount to building you a new website, just one that happens to replicate features that you like in your current website. Several of the websites that I have built look a great deal like the websites that they replaced, though they are very different "under the hood."

My Clients

Most of the websites that I have built have been for local small businesses and professionals, but they also include websites for a rock band based in Los Angeles (now defunct), the Pacific Northwest district of a union, a Seattle artist, an architect who lives in Bend but has clients spread out around the West, a graphic designer based in North Carolina, and a global risk management consulting company based in Hawaii. See the Portfolio section of the website for more examples of my clients, and the About Me > Testimonials page of the website for testimonials from some of them.